Kermit the Hop Double IPA Torp

It isn’t always easy being green. Sexy organic hops are hard to come by. Bison scored hella’ Organic Simcoe® and finally brewed their very first Double IPA. With over 3 lbs of hops per barrel, Kermit The Hop is bright, citrusy and tongue– tinglingly bitter. Resinous pine coats the tongue and reluctantly gives way to grapefruit and a grassy bitterness that lingers at the back of the tongue for days. Drinking green never tasted this good.

 Hops: Hella Simcoe®* Chinook*, Centennial* Malts: Two Row*, Wheat*, Munich*

*All Ingredients 100% USDA Certified Organic


  • Bronze, California State Fair 2014

Food Pairing: spicy food, pungent cheeses and anything fried – sausage, meat pizza, gumbo, blue cheese, sharp cheddar, chili, mexican food, BBQ, Indian curries and carrot cake.

Kermit the Hop Double IPA Torp

  • $25.99

Tags: bitter, cloudy, citrus, dry, hoppy, smooth