Cleophus Quealy Beer Company



Cleophus Quealy Beer Company brews small batch, Belgian-inspired beers with an original flair. CQ opened its doors in San Leandro, CA in 2014 with a focus on unique styles, fruit and barrel-aged beers. Their beers rotate seasonally, with monthly releases of new styles and variations on favorite recipes.


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CQ Abbey Single

Abbey Ale

Cleophus Quealy

Abbey Ale Belgians are complex and obviously have a long rich history which make them s..

$11.99 +$1.00 deposit

CQ Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale

Cleophus Quealy

Blonde Ale An easy-drinking classic light beer also referred to as golden ale. They are..

$10.99 +$1.00 deposit

Cranberry Weisse 750ml


Cleophus Quealy

Sour Tartness and pucker lovers. Organic acids naturally come about from the acidified ma..