Connoisseur Beer Club (Weekly)

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Once a week, we will send you a selection of FOUR different beers from the menu. Be sure to let us know in the options above if there are any beers you really don’t want us to send to you.

Save money and take the hassle out of ordering beer every week.  We’ll send you our best beers at discounted prices to reward your loyalty to local craft beer.  You’ll be the first to try new beers and new breweries as they come on board.  Limited selection beers will be given to club members first.  We’re not like most beer clubs that just pawn off the stuff they can’t sell in stores.  You’ll be getting the freshest beer from the best breweries in the bay area, every time.

Want delivery every month, or every other week instead?  We’ve got you covered.

Connoisseur Beer Club (Weekly)

  • $44.99

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