4 pints of local craft
beer per 2L Bottle


Fresh for 15 days
after you tap it


Order online for
home delivery


The taproom
experience at home





The unique technology behind
the HomeTap protects beer
from air and light


The HomeTap maintains beer
at optimal temperature for
maximum freshness


The HomeTap Bottles fit
perfectly in your fridge


Access to Micro Brews = Rotating Beers on Tap
What is The HomeTap?
The HomeTap is an appliance used to chill and pressurize beer from Hopsy’s partner breweries, marketed under the KRUPS brand. The HomeTap offers a wide range of beers, available through Hopsy only.
Where can I get it?
Online at www.hopsy.beer, or in our Albany store, located 1137 Solano Avenue, Albany CA 94706.
Is it corded electric or battery-powered?
The HomeTap is corded electric.
What are the dimensions of the HomeTap?
The HomeTap dimensions are (width, height, depth): 17.9x9.3x12.8 inches (without drip tray).
How much does the HomeTap weigh?
The HomeTap weighs 15 lbs.
Does it need to be plugged in all the time it’s used?
Yes. If the HomeTap Bottle is in the HomeTap, then it needs to be kept plugged in to maintain the correct beer pressure and temperature.
What is the HomeTap Bottle?
The HomeTap Bottle is a two-liter container of beer which can only be used with the HomeTap machine and allows customers to serve and enjoy quality draft beer in the comfort of their own home.
How many glasses of beer can you serve with a HomeTap Bottle?
The HomeTap Bottle contains two liters or 67oz of beer. Equivalent to just over five and half 12oz bottles or roughly 4 full American pints.
Can I use the HomeTap Bottle with other home draft appliances?
No, the HomeTap Bottle fits the HomeTap appliance only. We do not recommend you open the HomeTap Bottle and pour a glass just like you would with a bottle or growler but it is a possibility.
How should I store the HomeTap Bottle?
Before use, keep the HomeTap Bottle in your fridge. DO NOT PLACE THE HomeTap BOTTLE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. DO NOT STORE THE HomeTap BOTTLE BELOW 30oF and DO NOT FREEZE THE HomeTap BOTTLE.
Do I have to wait until the light turns green before I pour?
As long as the HomeTap Bottle was kept cold in the fridge, even if the light is still red you can get a good draft beer. However, if you want the perfect cold draft beer wait until the light turns green.
If I want to change beer brands before the existing HomeTap bottle is finished, can I store the half-empty HomeTap bottle in the fridge?
No, once the HomeTap Bottle is open you need to keep it in the HomeTap with the power turned on to keep the beer inside at the right pressure.
How long can I keep the HomeTap Bottle?
After purchase you can keep it for up to 4 weeks. After it’s tapped, you should drink it within 2 weeks for optimal freshness. We recommend you consume the beer as close as possible to the purchase date for increased freshness.
How do I load the HomeTap Bottle into the HomeTap?
Take off the cap. Slide the HomeTap Bottle into the cooling chamber. Make sure you push HomeTap Bottle completely to the end of appliance. Then open the tap cover and guide the tube into place.
IMPORTANT: You MUST snap the beer valve in its position in the tap head. Failure to do so could result in your pour not stopping even when you let go of the tap handle.
Close the tap cover, close and lock the HomeTap door and leave to chill. You are now ready for a tasty draft beer. For more details follow our step by step guide here.
Why is draft beer better than other containers like bottles and cans?
First, draft beer is discharged at a high flow rate, which leads to the release of CO2 into the glass when it is poured. Also, the bubbles in the draft beer are smaller so it changes the mouthfeel and they have a more subtle taste than when poured from a can or bottle.
Second, draft beer is also stored in optimal freshness conditions to ensure high quality.
Third, when beer comes into contact with oxygen, the bubbles gradually disappear. The layer of foam created from a tap dispense protects the beer and its bubbles as well as ensuring the smoothness/lightness of the beer.
Why do I have so much foam in my glass?
There are a few possibilities:
The first glass: It is possible that the first glass poured contains more foam because the tube in the HomeTap Bottle does not yet contain any beer and is full of gas. This may lead to the production of more foam. The problem should not occur when you pour the second glass.
Temperature: When the HomeTap Bottle is warmer than 40oF, it will create more foam. The HomeTap Bottle must be kept refrigerated at all times; either inside the HomeTap or in your refrigerator.
Pouring Technique: Rinse the glass beforehand, then hold the glass under the spout at a 45 degree angle. Open the tap quickly and all the way forward to get the perfect pour. Pulling the tap handle less than fully open will increase the amount of foam.
Is it an eco-friendly product?
The packaging is 100% recyclable; its processing therefore depends on the recycling facilities in your local area.