Kalifornia Kölsch

This is a light, crisp and refreshing golden ale in the style of those brewed in the German city of Cologne (Koln). A slightly sweet aroma with a hint of grassiness leads to herbal and spicy hop character and sweet malt notes. Though fermented at a cool temperature for an ale, Magnolia’s Kolsch ale yeast provides a complex, fruity finish fading to a crisp hop note at the very end. Kolsch is typically served in small, cylindrical glasses meant to be refilled often, insuring that every glass remains refreshingly cool with bright effervescence.

Food Pairing: salads, goat cheese, asparagus, fish and lighter sausages such as weisswurst


A traditional German ale, originating from Cologne "Koln" in Germany. A pale ale, crisp and slightly fruit and dry.

  • ABV: Low alcohol
  • Color: Straw
  • Glassware: Stange or flute glass
  • Temperature: 40-45 oF
  • Food Pairing: Bratwurst, roast pork with potato dumplings, herb-led salad w/avocado

Kalifornia Kölsch


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Tags: complex, crisp, fruity, light, sweet, spicy, german