NomaWeiss Wheat

This Summer Weissbier is on the lighter side of Bavarian-style Wheat beers. An old world technique called open top fermentation allows the yeast to freely rise – for a more efficient fermentation. This technique also maintains low pressure...a fermentation that keeps yeast healthy for longer. This type of gentle rolling fermentation means many subtle flavors are created by the yeast such as clove and vanilla for spice and fruit flavors like banana, plum and/or lychee. The overall mouthfeel is smooth and creamy –largely due to the yeast left in suspension. We hope you enjoy your Hefeweizen experience with us!

Wheat or Wit

An Americanized version of the Hefeweizen, similarly cloudy but more hoppy with none of the banana or clove flavors. Typically a lighter and refreshing style.

  • ABV: Low to medium alcohol
  • Color: Straw and cloudy
  • Glassware: Flute
  • Temperature: 40-45 oF
  • Food Pairing: Fresh salad with cucumbers and bean sprouts, light fish like halibut or sole with squeezed lemon

NomaWeiss Wheat


  • $11.99 +$1.00 deposit

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