Triple Voodoo Brewery & Taproom

Triple Voodoo is a premium craft brewery & tap room located in the historic Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. We specialize in combining the best qualities of Belgian and West Coast styles of brewing to create unique and interesting beer. Triple Voodoo was founded in 2010 and we have been in our Dogpatch location since 2013. Our new brewery was built to create the beers that we specialize in with a custom 10bbl brewhouse and six fermentors. We believe that beer is best served fresh and as a result we serve most of the beers in our tap room straight out of the brite tanks. The tap room features over a dozen rotating craft beers where you can get a pint of their signature IPAs or flagship inception Belgian Tripel and they also offer food from local restaurants. Brewery tours are given on Thursdays and can be arranged for groups any day of the week by appointment. And they are dog friendly so bring your four legged friends!


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A Bump in the Road Kettle Sour with Peach


Triple Voodoo

Sour Tartness and pucker lovers. Organic acids naturally come about from the acidified ma..

$13.99 +$1.00 deposit

Anxiety Pils Pilsner


Triple Voodoo

Pilsner Pilsner is one of the most popular styles of lager beers in Germany and greater E..

$10.99 +$1.00 deposit

Charlie Brown American Brown Ale

Brown Ale

Triple Voodoo

Brown Ale Brown Ales are funny enough, brown in color. They can be sweet and malty with..

$11.99 +$1.00 deposit

Inception Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Triple Voodoo

Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale These beers are complex and fruity and the quintessenti..

$11.99 +$1.00 deposit

Margaux Belgian Wheat


Triple Voodoo

Wheat or Wit An Americanized version of the Hefeweizen, similarly cloudy but more hoppy w..

$11.99 +$1.00 deposit

Mocha Shake Milk Chocolate Coffee Porter


Triple Voodoo

Porter The American porter is a juiced up version of the English porter - more of everyth..

$12.99 +$1.00 deposit

Endure Fort Winterscotch Ale

Scotch Ale

Triple Voodoo

Scotch Ale Malty, malty, malty with a hint of malt. Also known as the "Wee Heavy" the are..

$14.99 +$1.00 deposit