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Red Sails in the Sunset Flanders Style Sour 750ml

Half Moon Bay

Red Sails in the Sunset Flanders Style Sour 750ml







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Ocho Barril Series No. Three, Red Sails in the Sunset is a Flanders Red style sour aged in oak barrels with Tart Cherries. During the winter months in Half Moon Bay, they are treated to some of the most beautiful sunsets. As the boats float in the harbor, they are basked in the wonderful colors as the sun makes its daily departure from the sky. That very image is what Half Moon Bay hoped to capture in this next offering of their Ocho Barril series. A Flanders Red inspired beer, Red Sails in the Sunset was aged in oak for a total of 18 months, with the last 4 months aged upon tart cherries from Michigan. This beer is bright, oaky, complex, and best paired with the fading daylight of wherever you may be.



Tartness and pucker lovers. Organic acids naturally come about from the acidified malts in the mash or during fermentation from various microorganisms and barrel aging. That's why the term 'wild' is used around Sours. They range from soft and floral and semi-sour to super funky and very sour and really everywhere in between.

  • ABV: Low to high alcohol
  • Color: light to dark
  • Glassware: Goblet or stemware
  • Temperature: 40-50 oF
  • Food Pairing: meat and cheese plate, shellfish like shrimp, crab or lobster