Promised Land Imperial IPA Torp


Promised Land Imperial IPA Torp





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This is an almost one-dimensional hop monster that still sees Maris Oter put up a good fight in an attempt for malt balance. But it’s really all about the hops, both bittering hops and aroma hops. Familiar American hop character dominates at every level. Promised Land is a very difficult beer to pair with food, but it can be done (with assertive flavors). Don’t be fooled by its light color, this beer will dominate all other beers, so if tasting, taste this guy last.

Imperial IPAs have carved out a cult following in the American craft beer culture. “Hopheads” clamor for more hops, more assertive, all around bigger IPAs all the time. A decade ago, Magnolia introduced their single IPA, Proving Ground, when the hop trend was just beginning, hence its name. It was a test of how much hop character a palate can tolerate. Since then, IPAs have only gotten bigger and Promised Land seemed to Dave like a good name for a beer with the absolute maximum amount of hops he could ever imagine using. For the hophead, this is the promised land...it just doesn’t get any hoppier. And, it’s a Chuck Berry song covered regularly by the Grateful Dead.