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The Landlady English Bitter Torp


The Landlady English Bitter Torp





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Legendary English brewery Timothy Taylor makes a beer called Landlord that really exemplifies the golden bitter style. Whenever Dave McLean visits, it’s one of his favorites and it inspired The Landlady, plus it’s an instrumental Phish song.

The Landlady forsakes the usual depth and sweetness of crystal malts, focusing instead on the bright interplay between pale malt and hops. It features Golden Promise as a base pale malt and has a touch of Munich malt for body. The Landlady is refreshing and thirst quenching and pairs nicely with lighter dishes as well as the usual bitter-friendly fare like fried foods and sausage.

Hop notes are pretty assertive in the beer and they are supplied by an esoteric variety: Sorachi Ace, a cross between Czech Saaz and British Brewers Gold varieties. Sorachi Ace was first developed in Japan in the 80’s but new hop varieties are very slow to come to market and this hop has only been available in the U.S. for the past couple of years. Though it has a citrus character, it is less grapefruit-like and more lemony than U.S. hops that we’re all more familiar with.