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Smokestack Lightening Imperial Stout Torp


Smokestack Lightening Imperial Stout Torp





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Smokestack Lightening is a 1956 song written by blues master, Howlin’ Wolf. It has been covered by many, many artists over the years. It was a regular part of the Dead’s early repertoire when it was sung by keyboardist Ron McKernan (Pigpen). The name was an obvious choice for Dave for a big, dark stout that also packs some heat from the high ABV. This beer’s color is totally opaque, black and viscous. The aroma is of coffee, prunes and slight chocolate. It tastes very full bodied, rich malty depths and bittersweet chocolate with a roasty finish.

Imperial Stouts are the first beer style to get the term “Imperial” applied. They were first made in England during the 19th century for export to Russia and the Baltic states. Like barleywines, they are rich, warming, cold-weather beers for sipping.