Saison/Farmhouse Ale Saison/Farmhouse Ale Saison/Farmhouse Ale

Women Are Smarter Wildflower Saison

Sonoma Springs

Women Are Smarter Wildflower Saison

Saison/Farmhouse Ale






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The base of this "flower beer" is a saison-style brew made with rose petals, star jasmine, hibiscus and spiced with cardamom. These spices complement the traditional weizen yeast profile of clove. Rose water was also incorporated in the batch to provide a subtle rose-like aroma. The overall flavor is a combination that develops with a slightly sweet and soft malt palate, intertwining floral notes, and finishes with a balanced bitterness from mild hallertauer hops, clove and cardamom.


Saison or Farmhouse Ale

Meaning 'season' in French, Saisons were typically given to farm workers during the summer months to hydrate because the water wasn't potable. Hence they're also known as Farmhouse Ales. They are quite complex with lots of spice and fruitiness due to the special yeasts used. The spice profiles are varied including peppercorn, coriander, ginger, anise, orange, clove, vanilla, and more. They have a tartness that is characteristic as well.

  • ABV: Medium to high alcohol
  • Color: Pale to light brown
  • Glassware: Stemware
  • Temperature: 45-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: Farmhouse Ales go with farmhouse foods: roasted chicken with garlic and herbs, stews, funky cheeses