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Our story begins with three guys who loved craft beer. It was that simple. We loved the amazing craft beer scene in San Francisco and across the rest of the country. But there were so many breweries that no one could possibly get to know them all. You’d have to be a pro beer drinker (I want that job) just to keep up. The breweries wanted more people drinking their beer. Drinkers wanted to try more breweries. It sounded like an opportunity.



Growler Delivery

So In 2016, we opened a growler shop in Albany, CA and we started delivering our growlers. We introduced people to tons of great, local craft breweries and the breweries got tons of people who couldn’t get enough of their beer. Win-Win. Everyone was happy. Everyone was drinking. It was great. We were helping make the beer scene just a little bit better.

But there was a problem: Growlers suck (for delivery).

Don’t get us wrong, they’re fun … and if you’re going to drink them as soon as you get home … AWESOME! But for a real home draft experience, you heard me right. They suck. They’re terrible. The beer starts to go flat as soon as they slosh it into the growler. The glass can break. Pouring is a bitch. You have to drink it all that night, maybe the next day (everyone loves beer for breakfast, right?). Unless you’re throwing a party, or looking for a headache the the morning, there’s no way. You end up with a quarter growler of old, flat beer you don’t want to drink, but you tear up thinking about pouring it down the drain. Alcohol abuse!

Fun Facts

Growler Shop

It all started as a growler shop. The first growler shop in California actually, in Albany, north of Berkeley.

Milkmen for Beer

Delivering jugs of craft beer... Our customers quickly called us the "Adult Milkmen"

Lots of Festivals

We love to meet with our customers and got a reputation in the Bay Area for organizing games at beer festivals...

San Diego Shop

We opened our second shop in San Diego, right next to famous Ballast Point Home Brew Mart.

The SUB System

So, we agreed. Growlers suck. The only way to get beer at its best is straight from the tap. That’s when we turned to the SUB. It’s like a kegerator married a keurig and had the coolest kid ever. A counter-top home-draft appliance that gives you amazingly fresh beer like you’re sitting in the taproom.

So we started delivering these mini-kegs four pints of local brewery dropped in your lap.

Everyone else thought it was a great idea, too. We launched the SUB system in August of 2016, and it was a hit. Who doesn’t like great, fresh beer? Since then, we’ve been delivering amazing beer to amazing people, connecting breweries to brew drinkers. People loved it so much that we expanded to San Diego in April of 2017 and again to New York in September. Not only did we get to send fresh beer to new people, we got to meet new brewers and drink their beer. Gotta have some perks, right?

Next on our list? Texas and Florida in 2020. Maybe your neck of the woods, too. If you want a taproom experience delivered to your door. We’re the place to be. If you wanna know when we’re coming to town, send us your email. It’ll be like your screaming at us, “I Want Beer!” We’ll send you a jump-for-joy email to let you know we’re coming.

Beer on Tap


Bring the taproom home, the dream of every beer drinker. We launched The SUB draft appliance in June 2017 after a year of testing and feedback collection.

We Are Hopsy

Our co-founder Andrew's nod has become iconic of our brand: "say YES to beer on tap at home. Join the revolution."