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Hopsy is a small startup with a big mission. We’re building a community of beer enthusiasts who order fresh draft beer directly from the best breweries to be delivered fresh at home. Neighborhood by neighborhood, we’re bypassing the outdated traditional process and making fresh local beer more accessible than ever before.

Want to sell your brews through Hopsy? We would be honored to do your beer proud. We are always looking to find out more about what you are doing and finding the right breweries to add to our Hopsy family. What's your story? If you got good ink to brag about, do it.......if you are new to the craft beer community, welcome......If you are unsung hero, we want to know why. Help us help you with this handy webform. We will get back to you with more information on "how it works", and maybe make an appointment to sample your beer with your brewmaster.

What's in it for you?

Get your brand out

Get your beer in front of thousands of beer lovers and get instant feedback

Fill your systems capacity

Brewing near your outfitted capacity reduces your overall cost of operations per bbl, provides jobs, keeps vibrant yeast, and fresher beer all around.

Less Hassle

Our partners can forecast Hopsy orders 45-90 days in advance. Compared to other wholesale activities, you need no sales people, no tap handles, and just one invoice instead of like 20 or 30 invoices self-distributing. And we don’t lose your kegs.