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Dryed up Old Geezer Barleywine Torp

Black Diamond

Dryed up Old Geezer Barleywine Torp





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An American Style Barley Wine that spends 100% of its life aging in 50% in Rye Whiskey Barrels and 50% Bourbon Barrels. A sweetness comes through in the flavor reminiscent of molasses and brown sugar, then the wood takes over with its spiciness from the Rye Whiskey Barrels, along with the deep flavors of Bourbon from the Bourbon Barrels. This beer is not for the light hearted, coming in @ 12.5% abv. It is sure to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.


Award Winning:

Best of Show West Coast Invitational 2016

Gold Medal in Category – barrel-aged strong beers 2016 West Coast Invitational