Ballroom Blitz Ballroom Blitz Ballroom Blitz

Ballroom Blitz


Ballroom Blitz

Piney Highlights, Light Body, Dry Finish


American Amber Lager






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Toasty and hoppy with citrus, pine, toffee and graham cracker tones

This Amber Lager is refreshing drinkability turned up to 11. Citrus and pine tones with a strong foundation of toffee and crusty bread notes. This brew is a burnished red amber with a golden highlight, frothy tan head, and a crisp light-bodied texture that just begs for the next sip.

We wanted to brew a crisp, crowd-pleasing lager that had all the flavor of an amber ale with the clean finish of a lager.  The aim was vast appeal and drinkability. We thought that this is definitely one that everyone would attack, and it would turn into a Ballroom Blitz.

Amber lagers are tasty, food-friendly beers with some big toasty, and sweet tones and a lighter body with a clean finish.  A Philly cheesesteak is probably one of the best ways to go with this beer. The rich, cheesy, nature of the sandwich is deliciously cleaned up by the sparkling effervescence and clean finish of the beer, while still providing some consonance with the toastiness of the bread.  For a cheese pairing, you will have a great time with an aged manchego, and finally, for dessert make sure you try out salted caramel chocolate chip cookies.




A more modern, Americanized version of the International Amber Lagers. Usually featuring more prominent dry hopping, and sometimes more elevated ABV, these beers are known mostly for producing delicious toasty toffee and caramel flavor. Brewers will sometimes use decoction mashing for creating a more complex malt profile. Light copper to Crimson in color, these brews will finish very dry and crisp with very light ester or phenolic character. American Hop profiles will be medium to high, with citrus and tropical tones sometimes showing through.