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Bootstrap Brown



Toffee, Smooth Malt, Cocoa, Perky Carbonation


American Brown Ale






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Mahogany with white lace, light chocolate aroma, the flavor of almond-skin, roasted malty toffee, and a light dryish biscuity finish.

This brew is a deep chestnut colored brown ale loaded with toffee and toasty caramel tones without getting overly sweet.  Well balanced with a nice mellow earthy finish, this beer is the epitome of what an American Brown Ale really wants to be.  Packed full of flavor, without the overbearing weighty elements that some darker brews can display.

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is a phrase commonly heard. It’s meant to convey that with enough hard work you can get yourself out of just about any tough situation.  We wanted to honor that sentiment with a beer that is light enough to provide refreshment after a hard day's work but still be loaded with enough flavor and nuance so as to be versatile enough to line up to a three-course meal. Bootstrap Brown was born. 

This beer is light-bodied with sweet tones in the front and a pleasing bitter finish.  There are enough biscuit-like malt elements as well to provide a decent canvas to paint on for your meal pairings. We recommend starting your evening out with an aged gouda, followed by main courses of a well-marbled rib eye with oven-roasted root vegetables and sage brown butter.  To finish your course, a bright, sweet and refreshing scoop of butterscotch ice cream with hot fudge.




Brown Ales are funny enough, brown in color. They can be sweet and malty with flavors of chocolate, toffee, and nuts. Originating in England, the UK versions are milder and lower alcohol and the American versions typically are drier with medium hops and bitterness.  Medium to moderately-high malty-sweet or maltyrich flavor with chocolate, caramel, nutty, and/or toasty malt complexity, with medium to medium-high bitterness. The medium to medium-dry finish provides an aftertaste having both malt and hops. Hop flavor can be light to moderate, and may optionally have a citrusy, fruity, or tropical character, although any hop flavor that complements the malt is acceptable. Very low to moderate fruity esters.

  • ABV: Medium-low to Low alcohol
  • Color: Brown to caramel
  • Glassware: Pint glass
  • Temperature: 50-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: Autumn foods; meat stews, root vegetables, squash, lamb chops