Chocolate for Dinner Chocolate for Dinner Chocolate for Dinner

Chocolate for Dinner


Chocolate for Dinner

Chocolate, Roasty, Bitter, Full Bodied


Chocolate Stout






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Full-bodied chocolate stout with roasty tones and a long finish

Chocolate for Dinner is precisely what it claims to be.  A rich, full-bodied brew with chocolate notes, and a massive dose of roasty elements.  This beer is complex and lingering with a grain and malt laden front end and a roasty, bitter chocolate finish.  Touches of herbal and woody hop flavors provide balance, along with the bitter chocolate finish. Jet black and with a tightly bound tan cap for head, this brew is one to be savored. Possibly even for Dinner. 

Chocolate stouts are a fun brew to work with. You have several elements that are easy to modify to completely change the beer.  Do we want to highlight the roasty elements? Up the bitter chocolate notes? Add some lactose to create an alcoholic chocolate milkshake? The list goes on.  We opted to aim for balance with this brew, and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We were so pleased with it, we decided we were just gonna have it for Dinner.

Despite the name of the brew, this is a food-friendly beer that can stand up to the richest, dishes and the chocolate bitter nature lend some wonderful culinary opportunities.  You’re going to love this brew with a chocolate molasses pork roast and a side of mashed potatoes, or a bowl of creamy potato soup. For a cheese, pair this with Havarti. For your dessert pairing, you can’t go wrong with chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.  Brownies, Cakes, Mousse, or Chocolate dipped fruit. Go nuts! 



Moderate roasted malt flavor, often tasting of coffee, dark or bittersweet chocolate. Low to medium malt sweetness, with cocoa or caramel flavors usually from the addition of cocoa or nibs. Low to medium bitterness. Low to medium hop flavor, generally noble hop flavors. Low to no esters. Medium to dry finish, occasionally with a lightly burnt quality. Alcohol flavors can be present up to medium levels, but smooth.