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Foggy Night


Foggy Night

Copper, Baked Bred, Fruity, Crisp


California Common






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Copper-colored with baked bread, slight fruity tone, and crisp finish

This brew is fresh with bright bread tones, toasty notes, and a clean fruity presence reminiscent of pear and apple. Grain is all the star of the show here, however, finishing with a small touch of a mint-like herbaceous finish. Copper-colored with an offwhite head, this brew is easy to drink, and sure to please most beer fans. 

California Common actually might be the original San Francisco Treat.  The style, referred to as Steam Beer, has been around since the 1860s and was widely brewed across the city.  Now known as California Common, the modern equivalent is even better. San Francisco is also known for its rolling evening fog and thought it was a fitting name for this amber brew. 

California Common are tasty, full flavored beers that work well with many foods. For your cheese course, you can’t go wrong with a red pepper gouda. Spicy elements are cooled and calmed by the toasty flavors and fruity esters of the beer.  For your main courses, you definitely want to have something with sourdough.  We recommend a patty melt on sourdough with swiss cheese, and grilled onions and peppers.  San Francisco is famous for its sourdough and we want to focus that bread here somewhere. For desserts, you’ll definitely want to gear yourself up for a blackberry cobbler or apple pie. 




Moderately malty with pronounced hop bitterness. The malt character is usually toasty (not roasted) and caramelly. Low to moderately high hop flavor, usually showing rustic, traditional American hop qualities (often woody, rustic, minty). Finish fairly dry and crisp, with a trace of lingering hop bitterness and a firm, grainy malt flavor. Light fruity esters are acceptable but otherwise clean.