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Sweet, Bitter, Earthy, Fruity, Malty


Best Bitter






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Bready tones with a touch of a fruity ester and a round, soft mouthfeel.

The original pale ale, this Best Bitter is everything you’re looking for out of a British ale.  Bready tones with a touch of a fruity ester and a round, soft mouthfeel.  Notes of toffee and butterscotch with an earthy finish give this beer an extra layer of complexity.  Copper-colored with a frothy tan head, you’re definitely going to want more than a half-pint. 

Of the British bitters, the Best Bitter is the smaller younger brother to the Extra Special Bitter (or ESB) of English ale fame.  While it's lower in alcohol, and a bit lighter in the body it's still packed full of great English flavor.  If the ESB is a Full Pint, the Best Bitter is undoubtedly the Half Pint. 

Food friendly, and beautifully balanced between sweet and bitter.  This beer would go splendidly with a vast array of foods.  For your cheese course, we recommend trying out a Lancashire to keep it English.  For your mains you really can’t miss--try roasted pork, chicken or fish. Try and avoid overly spicy dishes as it will potentially overwhelm the beer.  For dessert, simple fare such as oatmeal raisin cookies with fresh whipped cream are a delight. 






Medium to moderately high bitterness. Moderately low to moderately high fruity esters. Moderate to low hop flavor, typically with an earthy, resiny, fruity, and/or floral character. Low to medium maltiness with a dry finish. The malt profile is typically bready, biscuity, or lightly toasty. Low to moderate caramel or toffee flavors are optional. Balance is often decidedly bitter, although the bitterness should not completely overpower the malt flavor, esters and hop flavor. Generally no diacetyl, although very low levels are allowed.

  • ABV: Medium alcohol
  • Color: Golden
  • Glassware: Pint glass
  • Temperature: 50-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: fish and chips, roasted chicken, English cheeses