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Hazy Stars


Hazy Stars

Orange, Grapefruit, Citrus, Juicy


New England IPA






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Massive orange and grapefruit tones from more than 4 pounds of hops per barrel

Boasting over 4lbs per barrel of Centennial, Lemondrop, and Cascade hops.  A Massive charge of orange and grapefruit tones with a Meyer lemon pop and a touch of clean mint and woody pine-like bitterness. This brew boasts a hazy golden orange color with a silky texture and a pillowy, frothy white head. Seriously, it’s like drinking orange and grapefruit juice. 

Remember those glow in the dark stickers you would put on your ceilings and walls as a kid that looked like stars? This brew pays a little bit of homage to the fond memories so many of us have of imagining our when bedroom walls were just a little farther away. 

Pairing for this brew calls for some delicious grilled artichokes with a creamy lemon herb dipping sauce.  The natural sweetness from the artichoke with the tangy contrast of the sauce will provide a delicious contrast to the citrus tones in the beer while providing a textural consonance that will leave you wanting another sip and bite.  For the main course, try this beer out with Hawaiian Pork Tenderloin. The tropical tones of the pineapple and sweetness in the pork will match wonderfully with the brew, and accentuate the contrast of the char on the meat. Desserts, you’re going to have a blast with Creme Brulee. 



Medium-high to very high hop aroma and flavor are present, with attributes typical of hops from any origin. Descriptors such as "juicy" are often used to describe the taste and aroma hop-derived attributes present in these beers. Emphasizing hop aroma and flavor without bracing bitterness, the New England IPA leans heavily on late and dry hopping techniques to deliver a bursting juicy, tropical hop experience. The skillful balance of technique and ingredient selection, often including the addition of wheat or oats, lends an alluring haze to this popular take on the American IPA.