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Hermitage Limited Release Pilsner Torp


Hermitage Limited Release Pilsner Torp





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Here are some helpful notes from Hermitage Brewer Greg Filippi:

This beer is incredibly drinkable at about 5% abv, and we see ourselves enjoying it all summer long - or until it runs out. I spent some time selecting the German ingredients to make a proper Pilsner. First, German pilsner malts create a light, dry malt backbone and a beautiful pale golden color. Then, German Magnum hops balance the malt character with a smooth, clean bitterness. Of course, the classic, noble avor of Saaz hops lends a lovely crispness that accentuates the clean, dry nish. We dry hopped the beer with about another pound per barrel of Saaz.

Pairing Suggestions: I love Tandoori-spiced salmon with this beer. Beer-braised bratwurst also works well because the style, Pilsner, is the perfect beer for foods that are sweet and spicy.