Look at my Mussels Look at my Mussels Look at my Mussels

Look at my Mussels


Look at my Mussels

Clove, Citrus, Pine, Golden, Strong


Belgian IPA






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Spice tones surrounded by strong American hop flavors of pine and citrus

This IPA is the wonderful marriage of a Belgian Tripel and an IPA. Touches of spicy tones surrounded by strong American hop flavors of pine and citrus. The brew is a golden orange, and hazy by nature with strong head retention and a cap that lasts for days. 

One of the most traditional food pairings of all time is strong Belgian ales and Mussels steamed in beer, or “Moules-Frites.” The origin is thought to be along the Flemish coast, you can now find this dish in almost any restaurant in Belgium. While traditionally the beer used is a Belgian Table beer, we wanted to turn things up a few notches. 

To start out your pairing with this beer, try out a grilled artichoke with lemon caper dipping sauce. However to really give this brew the traditional nod it deserves, use this beer for steaming fresh mussels with butter, tarragon, basil, parsley, and lemon. For dessert, we’ll keep the focus on the Flemish coast in the town of Lier.  They produce a shortcake dessert referred to as Liers Vlaaike. With a spicy cinnamon and clove tone, it pairs up wonderfully with the Belgian yeasts used for the beer.





Belgian IPA

The initial flavor is moderately spicy and estery associated with Belgian yeast strains. Clove-like and peppery flavors are common. Banana, pear and apple flavors are also typical. Hop flavors are moderate to high in intensity and may reflect tropical, stone fruit, melon, citrusy, or piney American/New World varieties or floral and spicy Saazer-type hop flavors. Malt flavor is light and grainy-sweet, sometimes with low toasted or caramel malt flavor but not required. Bitterness is high and may be accentuated by spicy yeast-derived flavors. The finish is dry to medium-dry although some examples have a slight sweetness mixed with the lingering bitterness.