Patrick Henry Patrick Henry Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry


Patrick Henry

Bitter, Citrus, Balanced


American Pale Ale






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Pale Ale Balanced toward the bitter side with orange peel and malt flavors.

This classic pale ale is all American and definitely leaning a touch to the west coast side. Bright orange peel and citrus flavors with floral notes all backed up with just the right amount of toasty malt tones.  This brew is crisp and slightly bitter but packed to the brim with flavor. It’s everything you want from an American Pale and nothing more. 

Patrick Henry is the founding father who famously declared at the Second Virginia Convention in 1775, “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” Governor, Lawyer, Orator and Military Commander, Patrick Henry is a legendary American Figure who deserves to have a pint raised in his honor.  

American Pale Ales are food beers through and through. Several amazing food options work for this beer.  A perfectly grilled burger with a sharp cheddar cheese will pick up enough toasty elements from the bun, and provide enough richness and fat to offer balance to the bitterness in the brew. This pale has enough toasty, bready tones and just enough bitter tones to stand up to some of the bigger flavors in Pizza as well.  Toppings are entirely up to you, as the big factors we’re matching up against here are the inherent sweetness of the sauce, the toastiness of the crust, and the richness of the mozzarella. For cheese pairings, Leicester Cheddar works out just fantastic. To match up a dessert with this beer, try out a flaming persimmon pudding. 



American Pale Ale

Moderate to high hop flavor, typically showing an American or New World hop character (citrus, floral, pine, resinous, spicy, tropical fruit, stone fruit, berry, melon, etc.). Low to moderate clean grainy-malt character supports the hop presentation, and may optionally show small amounts of specialty malt character (bready, toasty, biscuity). The balance is typically towards the late hops and bitterness, but the malt presence should be supportive, not distracting. Caramel flavors are often absent or fairly restrained (but are acceptable as long as they don’t clash with the hops). Fruity yeast esters can be moderate to none, although many hop varieties are quite fruity. Moderate to high hop bitterness with a medium to dry finish. Hop flavor and bitterness often lingers into the finish, but the aftertaste should generally be clean and not harsh. Dry hopping (if used) may add grassy notes, although this character should not be excessive.