Siesta Fiesta Siesta Fiesta Siesta Fiesta

Siesta Fiesta


Siesta Fiesta

Crisp, Dry, Floral, Herbal, Refreshing


International Pale Lager






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Light and very high on the drinkable scale, this golden brew is ideal for the coming warm weather.

Golden, clear, frothy, and delicious. This beer is exactly what you sign up for when you are looking for the “craft” version of one of Mexico’s famous lagers. Soft bready tones with some corn-like sweetness and a fresh, zippy crisp bitter finish.  One thing you won’t find in this beer is that skunky elements some Mexican imports are known for!

Siesta Fiesta is what happens when you’ve finished two of these torps with your friends during your Saturday taco party.  It’s like a grown-up slumber party. 

Pairing for this beer is simple. Mexican food, and lots of it.  First and foremost, we’re going to skip the cheese pairing here and say quite simply: Bring on the Guacamole.  For your mains, we recommend fresh carnitas, either in tacos, burritos, or the more traditional plate with rice and beans.  Dessert? What could be more fitting than fresh Flan?





Low to moderate levels of grainy-malt flavor, with a crisp, dry, well-attenuated finish. The grain character can be somewhat neutral, or show a light bready-crackery quality or up to moderate corny or malty sweetness. Hop flavor ranges from none to medium levels, and often showing a floral, spicy, or herbal character if detected. Hop bitterness at medium-low to medium level. Balance may vary from slightly malty to slightly bitter, but is relatively close to even. Neutral aftertaste with light malt and sometimes hop flavors.