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Slam Dunkel

Rich Grain, Toast, Earthy Hops


Munich Dunkel






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Toastiness and chewy bready malt, prominent sweetness, crisp, understated hops.

Toasty and rich bready malt with a nice caramel-like sweetness and a very well balanced undertone of crisp finishing hops for balance.  This beer is dark and rich in color, without being jet black.

This is another one of those brews that had us sitting around and marveling at the brilliance of our brewers.  Someone made a bad pun, and thus the beer was named. We like bad puns if you haven’t noticed.

Munich Dunkels are great food beers with lots of great flavors to work with.  The sweetness and toasty character provide an excellent match for BBQ Pulled Pork.  For cheeses, an aged Gruyere works out fantastic, and lastly, for desserts you can’t miss with red fruit-driven dishes, like strawberry or raspberry.  Chocolate optional!



Dominated by the soft, rich, and complex flavor of darker Munich malts, usually with overtones reminiscent of toasted bread crusts, but without a burnt-harsh-grainy toastiness. The palate can be moderately malty, although it should not be overwhelming or cloyingly sweet. Mild caramel, toast or nuttiness may be present. Very fresh examples often have a pleasant malty-chocolate character that isn’t roasty or sweet. Burnt or bitter flavors from roasted malts are inappropriate, as are pronounced caramel flavors from crystal malt. Hop bitterness is moderately low but perceptible, with the balance tipped firmly towards maltiness. Hop flavor is low to none; if noted, should reflect floral, spicy, or herbal Germantype varieties. Aftertaste remains malty, although the hop bitterness may become more apparent in the medium-dry finish. Clean fermentation profile and lager character.