Transatlantic Dance Party Transatlantic Dance Party Transatlantic Dance Party

Transatlantic Dance Party


Transatlantic Dance Party

Crisp, Dry, Herbal, Floral, Lager


International Pale Lager






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Crisp, dry and with floral tones, this golden brew is your best bet to survive a transatlantic journey

This bright golden brew is all about “quaffability” and a refreshing, crisp dry finish!  The quintessential international pilsner, this beer is all about subtlety and refreshment.  Look for light, bright floral tones with a crisp herbal bitterness and a water cracker-like malt profile. Finishing clean, this pale international lager is a refresher for sure. 

When you imagine yourself on a transatlantic flight, you do one of two things. You sleep, or you find ways to get yourself pumped up for the upcoming trip.  This beer is our imagining of what we would want to be drinking for the later. It’s also just a solid “beer-flavored beer” with massive versatility--be it at the grill, on the couch, or with a meal. You can’t go wrong here.  

Easy pairings all around with this brew, but definitely more suited to lighter fare.  For your cheese course, a fluffy goat's milk like Humboldt Fog will treat you well.  The main course, to stick with an international flair, try out a dish of Cacio e Pepe.  Black pepper and parmesan will be a delightfully light counterpoint to the brew, and the beer's effervescent nature will lift and scrub the cheese and pepper from your palate. For desserts, there’s nothing wrong with a warm chocolate chip cookie and ice cream. Sometimes, you just need to keep it simple.



Low to moderate levels of grainy-malt flavor, with a crisp, dry, well-attenuated finish. The grain character can be somewhat neutral, or show a light bready-crackery quality or up to moderate corny or malty sweetness. Hop flavor ranges from none to medium levels, and often showing a floral, spicy, or herbal character if detected. Hop bitterness at medium-low to medium level. Balance may vary from slightly malty to slightly bitter, but is relatively close to even. Neutral aftertaste with light malt and sometimes hop flavors.