Why O'Rye IPA Why O'Rye IPA Why O'Rye IPA

Why O'Rye IPA


Why O'Rye IPA

bitter, citrus, clean, complex, hoppy


American IPA






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Why O Rye IPA favors late-hop additions to provide a bright citrus aroma and flavor and a hazy appearance. But wait, there's more! As a special bonus, this West Coast IPA curates a blend of pale 2 Row, wheat malt, red wheat malt, honey malt, and rye malt. Wow. The bittering hops provide a complementary grapefruit finish, reminding us that the beer is an IPA, along with some experimental Denali hops, lending pineapple and spicy aromas that mingle with the rye and honey malts. Any hophead will find that this beer can be enjoyed at any and all occasions.



The most popular American craft beer style. They range in ease of drinking (session) from easy to quite huge knock-you-out-of-your-chair flavor and alcohol. Hop flavor is medium to very high and should reflect an American or New World hop character, such as citrus, floral, pine, resinous, spicy, tropical fruit, stone fruit, berry, melon, etc. Medium-high to very high hop bitterness. Malt flavor should be low to medium-low and is generally clean and grainy-malty although some light caramel or toasty flavors are acceptable. Low yeast-derived fruitiness is acceptable but not required. Dry to medium-dry finish; residual sweetness should be low to none. The bitterness and hop flavor may linger into the aftertaste but should not be harsh. A very light, clean alcohol flavor may be noted in stronger versions. Maybe slightly sulfury, but most examples do not exhibit this character.

  • ABV: Medium to high alcohol
  • Color: Golden to copper/brown
  • Glassware: Spiegelau IPA glass or similar
  • Temperature: 50-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: Thai food, burgers, oily fish like salmon or mackerel, citrus desserts